The Foundation

Stiftung Edith Maryon, a foundation dedicated to supporting socially responsible places of residence and work, was founded out of a circle of young people in 1990. The underlying concept emerged from discussions of fundamental social questions conducted over several years, and reflects the founders’ need to translate their ideas into practical action.

With the aid of, amongst others, donations and bequests, the Foundation acquires real estate. The acquired properties are subsequently made available for long-term usage and socially compatible purposes – in the form, for instance, of Miet-Eigentum (a special type of lease whereby the tenant enjoys the benefit of additional rights but the Foundation retains the title to the property) or by the granting of a long-term building lease. The Foundation also provides affordable residential accommodation in central urban locations, along with premises for other, preferably sociocultural, usages. The Foundation strives to a create a situation of transparency and clarity in regard to questions of land use, and is committed to high-density and mixed-use development, to biodynamic agriculture, and to green building methods.

Stiftung Edith Maryon offers assistance in questions relating to real estate and to existing or planned buildings. This partnership applies in particular to project development, the development of alternative legal forms and financing models, the drafting of contracts, and the devising of self-administrative structures. Equally, the Foundation is willing to place its own organizational structures at the disposal of other projects, meaning that a new project need not necessarily establish and/or maintain a separate legal entity. In this way, a number of one-house projects have been incorporated into the Foundation, or are supervised by its staff.

Stiftung Edith Maryon devotes its efforts to the following areas: Housing, Communal Residential Forms, Living and Working, Housing for the Elderly, Cultural and Creative Enterprises, Health and Recreation, Education and Training, Agriculture and Gardening.