Advisory Council

Jules Ackermann

President Association ACACIA, Fund for development cooperation

Sebastian Bauer

Software AG – Stiftung

Sibylle Brodbeck

Jurist and curative pedagogue, Information centre rechtsozial

Barbara Buser

Architect and project developer, baubüro in situ and Gundeldinger Feld

Alexander von Glenck

Theatre, musical and film production

Nana Göbel

Executive director The Friends of Waldorf Education

Dr. Cyrill Häring

Venture-culture consultant

Peter Jäggli

Sibylle Jäggli

Dr. Walter Kugler

Professor of Fine Art, Brookes University, Oxford

Martin Niggli

Trustee and property trustee

Rolf Novy-Huy

General manager trias

Alicia Soiron

Architect, art historian and culture facilitator

Dr. iur. HSG Béatrice Speiser


Justus Wittich

Treasurer General Anthroposophical Society

Martin Witzig

CEO Witzig The Office Company AG

Dr. Seija Zimmermann

Executice council General Anthroposophical Society

Dr. Robert Zuegg

General management Confidentia, Association for the advancement of organisational self-regulation