Stiftung Edith Maryon began to sponsor contemporary art projects in 2006. The Foundation’s Kunstfonds (art fund) was established for the distribution of earmarked funds transferred from the disbanded Alexander Stiftung Basel. In the meantime several parties have furnished the Foundation with additional means dedicated to specific funding targets, with the result that a wide spectrum of funding areas has evolved:

  • performing and visual arts
  • public and architecture-related art
  • music and art therapy
  • pedagogics
  • agriculture and nutrition
  • general medicine and care of the elderly

Focal areas

Our funding of projects in the field of the performing and visual arts concentrates on the process of artistic creation. We favour projects concerned with modes of creative production and with advancing the independent realization of artistic visions. We also give priority to applications from young artists embarking upon their careers.

Funding in other areas of art focuses on projects that attempt to find innovative, sustainable solutions to contemporary problems while at the same time suggesting potential enhancement of conditions of life and work.


  • Evaluation by the Foundation extends to projects encountered in the course of its own research as well as to applications and proposals received. Projects deemed to be eligible are recommended for consideration by the Board of Trustees of Stiftung Edith Maryon, which takes the final decision regarding support.
  • We aspire to gain a personal impression of all projects to which funding is allocated. In order to keep expenditure within reasonable bounds, therefore, funding activities are confined mainly to Basel and the surrounding region.
  • According to requirements and feasibility, we seek to assist supported projects in regard to planning and implementation.