One concern of the Foundation is the conservation of biodynamically farmed land in order to place it enduringly – over the generations – in the service of this especially sustainable method of farming. Through purchases, donations and bequests, Stiftung Edith Maryon acquires farmland and agricultural enterprises, which are subsequently leased long-term to farmers employing biodynamic methods. Particularly welcome are operating concepts that include, for example, the processing and marketing of foodstuffs, or services in the areas of tourism, sociotherapy or culture.

Der Stiftungsfonds «Erde und Kultur» fördert u.a. den Austausch zwischen Landwirten, Nachbarn, Städtern oder anderen Bevölkerungsteilen und entwickelt neue sozial-ökologische Bewirtschaftungs- und Vermarktungskonzepte. Ausserdem unterstützt die Stiftung im kleinen Rahmen landwirtschaftliche Forschungsvorhaben. Interessierte Antragsteller finden weitere Informationen hier.

The potential of biodynamic farming has yet to be fully exploited, but its development began with a series of lectures in agriculture given by Rudolf Steiner in June 1924. Biodynamic farming is agriculture, with specific methods being the application of homeopathic composts, the working in unison with the grand rhythms of nature and the cosmos, the appropriate and respectful handling of animals, the creation of independent means of obtaining fodder and fertilizers, as well as the awareness of social and cultural concerns. Just try a biodynamic apple or carrot, and taste the difference for yourself. Detailed information available at: