One concern of the Foundation is the provision of affordable housing. Through purchases, donations and bequests, Stiftung Edith Maryon acquires residential properties or land on which housing can be built. The Foundation subsequently rents these buildings and apartments to interested parties who may, in individual cases, be granted usufructuary rights; alternatively, the Foundation grants a long-term building lease or offers a Miet-Eigentum arrangement (a special type of lease whereby the tenant enjoys the benefit of additional rights but the Foundation retains the title to the property).

In every case, the primary goal – to enduringly secure socially responsible places of residence and work – is to reduce the encumbrance of debt on property. Further social goals are to connect up the areas of living and working, to promote the social cohabitation of young and old, families and single households, to integrate people with disabilities, to encourage self-accountable and self-administrative structures as well as to promote living, good quality architecture that encompasses green building methods enabling people to feel at ease with their individuality and within the social whole.